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Ditches | Swales

We make water go in the right direction every time 

We know how frustrating drainage problems can be, but we’re here to make the process smooth and easy by diverting water and making the most use out of your property. Troy Contracting, LLC has the knowlege and experince to help you in all your drainage situations. 

We install open ditches (like pictured above), closed ditches also known as french drains, and storm drains.

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French Drains

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French drains

Open Drains | Closed Drains

At Troy Contracting, we have a lot of knowledge about drainage. Rule #1 to drainage is that water ALWAYS runs down hill. We are here to help get the water draining and keeping your backyard dry and more usefull. Give us a call today for any questions you may have and let one of our Pro's tell you more about why you might could use a French Drain.

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